Lighthouse re-opens
The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse re-opens to public after Hurricane Fabian

The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse re-opens to public

The Lighthouse re-opens

On October 14, 2003 the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse re-opens it s doors to public
for the first time after Hurricane Fabians extensive Mercury spill.

The Special clean up team finished their work and the lighthouse is now declared
safe to re-open to visitors and locals alike.

New technology

“The lighthouse open again, but the long-term repair is going to take some considerable time,” said the Harbour Radio officer.
“A lot of parts are needed, but they won’t use mercury in the new equipment.
“If they have to have it replaced, they will also go with a modern type of technology.
“But it’s a big job and it does need a considerable amount of parts, so as a temporary measure they have arranged to have these four bulbs working, instead.”