Lighthouse refurbished
The refurbishment works which were long overdue have now been completed

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Refurbishment Complete

May 30, 2014 –

In the House of Assembly today, Minister of Public Works Patricia Gordon-Pamplin spoke about the completion of the Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse refurbishment project.  She said that the total cost was around $360,000.

Minister Gordon-Pamplin said, “The Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, one of Bermuda’s most historic and recognizable tourist attractions, has for the past few months undergone a major repainting and refurbishment project.”

“The works which were long overdue have now been completed and the lighthouse has been restored to its former glory. The Lighthouse is once again open to the public as our tourism season gets into full swing.”

Work in progress update:

Lighthouse refurbished
The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse refurbishment.

“The intent was to complete these works over the winter period so that the lighthouse would only be closed for part of the tourism off season. However, this is also the worst time of year to do such works as the winter weather guarantees high winds and rain,” continued the Minister.

“Whilst the contract, which started on January 6, was planned to be completed by March 31, the weather caused significant delays and the works were finally completed on the May 16, 2014.”

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Refurbishment Update:

“The initial contract for the works was for a total of $334,211 and was made up of $299,691 for the main structure and $34,520 for the observation deck and railings.

Furthermore there were two subsequent change orders for the project, one for $9,450 for modifications to the paint for certain areas of the structure and $20,655 for clean up of the site as there was significantly more dust and debris than expected.

“In addition to the works on the structure itself, all works to the grounds and the car park have been completed. The only outstanding works are some signage and the mobile restrooms with handicap accessibility.”